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Eye on Business Feature: Marpan Recycling

Lee Gordon


Almost 50 years ago, Marpan Supply opened its doors. A hauling and container rental business that became a staple of the Tallahassee community over the past half century. But in 2008, Marpan decided to go green and expand the family business...

"We saw a need for a construction, demolition, debris recycling facility and at the same time the county was looking at options for their material," said Marpan GM Nancy Paul.

Almost three years ago, Kim Williams did the unthinkable. He messed with a winning hand. But his gamble paid off--because Marpan recycling is the premier name for recycling in the Southeast. So much so that others have been trying to emulate his business model for years.

"We're the first class-3 resource recovery facility in the state of Florida," said CEO Kim Williams.

Marpan currently recycles 68-70 percent of everything that was going to the landfill. But more than that, the new company created new jobs. Marpan went from 4 employees in the 1960's to 74 today.

"I wonder if my daddy is looking down thinking, I can't believe you borrowed all that money and hired all those people," said Williams.

The company has proven that it's economically feasible to recycle. It creates jobs and saves valuable resources--for instance, Marpan makes its own mulch, out of recycled materials. And they are taking in mattresses from dorms and hotels, and hoping to turn the material into something useful.

"I just decided that we would find new processes and new markets for additional materials. One of them has been carpet and carpet padding that we are recycling all the carpets that come into the facility," said Williams.

The new facility has been a huge success in Tallahassee as Williams and his staff have contributed to the economic wealth of the community as well as saved the county precious landfill space. And when you create jobs and save the environment, you're going to be very popular with lawmakers and residents alike.

According to the company website, Marpan Recycling is a new recycling plant handling construction and demolition (C&D) material or Class III material as well as yard waste. Marpan Recycling represents the latest in new technologies to handle and redistribute Class III waste. Our process has been designed with our customers in mind and we have made every effort to make hauling and dumping quick and inexpensive. Today’s consumers want their contractors, builders, and haulers to do everything they can to be green. Marpan Recycling gives you another way to demonstrate your respect for the environment while saving you time and money. We’re excited about our service and our ability to make a difference in our region.