We accept Construction & Demolition debris, scrap metals, furniture, appliances, yard and landscape trimmings, and cardboard.

Processing Fees: 

  • $43.00 USD per ton with a minumum charge of $5.00 which covers up to 250 pounds.
    The price per ton for cash accounts paid at scale time is determined by rounding up the calculated extended price to the nearest .50 (fifty) cents. This means a calculated price of $ 9.32 is totaled as $ 9.50. The idea of this policy is to simplify the cash reconciliation eliminating pennies, nickels, dimes and minimizing the need for quarters. This policy has been in place since the plant opened in 2008 and applies to paper, coin and credit card transactions where the account type terms is USD payment.
  • No fee for clean metal or cardboard

Additional Special Handling Fees:

  • Mattresses and box springs: $4.00 each. 
  • Tires: $10.00 per tire.
  • Batteries: $5.00 per battery.
  • Liquid waste: $5.00 per gallon.
  • Televisions and monitors: $20.00 up to 32 inches, $50 over 32".
  • A special fee will apply for devices that contain Freon® or small engines containing fluids.


Prohibited Items:

  • Putresible waste that may become foul smelling when decomposing, such as household garbage will not be accepted.
  • NO asbestos containing materials are accepted.