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About Marpan | MARPAN

About Marpan

Marpan is an acronym for Many Articles Right Price Available Now (to read about all the different comodities Marpan has sold read our History) and that is what we have! In Marpan's store located at 215 East Pershing Street in Tallahassee, in addition to dumpster trash containers, you can find everything from street signs to Maglites to safety equipment to Igloo coolers and flags. We even have a large assortment of specialty lightbulbs and batteries. We have special pricing for State of Florida qualified end-users. Call Bert Thornton at 850.224.9353 x 111 for more information.

Marpan Recycling is a material recovery facility - not a landfill - recycling material from construction and demolition waste (C&D) or Class III as well as yard waste. Marpan Recycling represents the latest in new technologies to recover a wide variety of materials. Our process has been designed with our customers in mind and we have made every effort to make hauling and dumping quick and inexpensive. Today’s consumers want their contractors, builders, and dumpster container haulers to do everything they can to be green. Marpan Recycling gives you another way to demonstrate your respect for the environment while saving you time and money.