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Rates and Fees | MARPAN

Rates and Fees

We accept Construction & Demolition debris, scrap metals, furniture, appliances, yard and landscape trimmings, and cardboard.

As of November 1st, 2017 we do not accept Television or Computer monitors. Veolia North America on Marpan Lane recycles electronics; visit their Tallahassee location for more information. The Leon County Landfill also receives electronics at their Household Hazardous Waste Center.

Hauling Rates: 

  • Hauling rates for Roll-Off Containers is based on location address, the size of the container and other factors including the type of recycling material. 
    Pricing includes a maximum tonnage cap. For example, the price of a 15 cubic yard roll-off includes up-to three tons of material. Each ton in excess of the cap will be added at billing time using the current recycling center per-ton rate. Some material items have a special fee. See the special handing fees below.
    Call us for pricing 850-224-9353 and select #2 on the phone navigation menu. Our roll-off sizes are 15, 20 and 30 cubic yards.

Additional Special Handling Fees (Posted 11/14/2023)

  • Aerosols: $ 1.00 each.
  • Ballast all kinds: $ 15.00 each.
  • Batteries: $5.00 per battery.
  • Battery Boost: $ 15.00 each.
  • Carpet: $85.00 per ton.
  • Electronics:
    • Television: $ 40.00 each.
    • Computer monitor: $ 20.00 each.
    • Printer or Fax machine: $ 15.00 each.
    • Computer tower (CPU): $ 10.00 each.
  • Enclosed 55 gallon drum: $ 250.00 each.
  • Fire Extinguisher: $ 35.00 each.
  • Fluorescent tubes and Mercury containing lighting: $ 2.00 each.
  • Household garbage: $ 5.00 per bag.
  • Liquid waste (All types): $10.00 per gallon.
  • Mattresses and box springs: $10.00 each.
  • Pressure treated wood: $85.00 per ton.
  • Propane tank: $ 30.00 each.
  • Roofing Shingles: $95.00 per ton.
  • Tires: $20.00 per tire.
  • Two part (A&B) pressure tank: $ 900.00 each (adheasive spray foam tanks for insulation)
  • A special fee will apply for devices that contain Freon® or small engines containing fluids.


Prohibited Items:

  • Putresible waste (HOUSEHOLD GARBAGE).
  • Asbestos containing materials.
  • Containers over 5 gallons
  • Television and computer monitors.