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Q. Who can bring materials to Marpan Recycling?
Marpan Recycling accepts materials from anyone (Leon, Wakulla, Jefferson and other surrounding counties). Most of our business will come from commercial haulers, but anyone is welcome. 

Q. Do I have to sort my materials prior to bringing them to Marpan Recycling?
No. Marpan Recycling is a full-service, Class III recycling center. We do all the sorting at our facility, so all you have to do is bring it to us and we'll do the  rest.

Q. What kind of materials do you accept?
We accept all Class III materials as well as yard waste. That means any construction or demolition debris such as wood, siding, roofing materials, nails, concrete or just about anything that comes off of a construction site. We also accept furniture, carpet, appliances, mowers and other bulky items. If you have been taking waste materials to any of the local disposal facilities, you can now recycle those same materials at Marpan Recycling. 

Q. What don’t you accept?
Marpan Recycling can not accept any toxic materials such as liquids, chemicals, cleaners, paint thinner or asbestos-laden goods, nor can we accept “putrescible” products such as household garbage. We stopped accepting Television and Computer monitors on November 1st, 2017. 

Q. How do I pay for my visits to Marpan Recycling?
We take cash, checks, and debit/credit cards (Master Card and Visa).

Q. How much does it cost?
Generally, we charge a per ton fee of $ 65.00 ( effective June 1st, 2022 ). The price may change once a year around the month of November and we may have forgotten to update this page. Call our ScaleMaster to verify the current price. When you pull into the facility, you’ll drive onto our scale where we will weigh your vehicle then direct you towards the tipping floor for unloading. Upon leaving, we take one more weight and charge you by the ammount of material unloaded. There are some minor exceptions. 

Q. Where is Marpan Recycling located? 
6020 Woodville Highway. Just head south on Monroe Street, 1 mile south of Capital Circle on the right. 

Q. What do you do with the materials I bring in?
Marpan Recycling runs all materials across a series of conveyors, magnets, screens and through a manual sorting system, once separated by type, then baled, ground or processed further. We then ship most material to industries who need those raw materials. For example, we will ship wood chips to a biomass plant to be used for their boiler fuel and ship the metal products to metal recyclers.  Non-recyclable material is sent to a Class I, lined landfill. 




Q. How is Marpan Recycling good for the environment?

Three ways. First, without Marpan Recycling, most of the materials would be sent directly to a landfill. While most landfills are a safe and reasonable means of disposal, they take up acres of land that can now be left undisturbed. Second, by keeping materials out of the landfill we also help sustain markets for recycled materials. For every ton of materials we recover, that is one less ton of raw materials that must be grown, mined or manufactured. Third, our facility was built to be green. We use high technology, energy-efficient lighting and high-efficiency engines to power our operations. By building our facility the right way, we save on fuel and electricity both now and in the long run.  Additionally, we are permitted and inspected by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. 

Q. Why should I choose Marpan Recycling?
It’s Safer. No more driving on dirt roads and over waste into a landfill to empty your load.

It’s Faster. With inbound and outbound scales plus, a shorter driving distance your turn-a-round time will be much shorter.

It’s Greener. The majority of material you bring to Marpan Recycling will be processed and delivered to recyclers for remanufacturing. Waste will be disposed of in a lined, Class I landfill where there are monitoring procedures in place to safeguard the environment.

It’s Smarter. Recycling ensures that materials are not wasted (put in a landfill) but put back into commerce reducing emission and resources associated with using virgin materials. Many studies have proven that it costs less to use recycled material as opposed to extracting virgin products from nature. 

Q. Do you take residential recyclables like we currently put at the curb?
Yes we do. We also accept cardboard and other packaging materials such as pallets and film plastic.